Is it dead?

Today the parts for my new computer arrived,
Albatron K8X890 ProII Socket 939 VIA K8T890
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice Socket 939
GeIL Value 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200)
SAPPHIRE 100108SR-RD Radeon X850PRO 256MB GDDR3 PCI-Express x16

I hooked everything up orperly, as I have done with prior projects, when I hit the power button the fans spin up... and thats it. The drives dont spin up, the monitor doesn't flicker, and no system beeps.
I took it out of the case thinking that maybe the motherboard is grounded and it did the same thing on the bench. I reseated the RAM, tried one stick, put in a known good stick and that didn't fix it. I reseated the CPU and that didn't work (have no other system to test it on, or CPU to test in it).

Is the notherboard dead or am I overlooking something to try?
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  1. It is a PC Power and Cooling Silencer 410
  2. probably the PSU or you did not connect the square 4 pins connector too.

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  3. Yes

    AMD 64 +3200
    (4) 512MB XMS CORSAIR PC3200 400 MHZ
    (2) 74GB RAPTORS
    (1) WD 120GB
    Tsunami Dream Case
  4. The 4 pin connector is connected, and the PSU that I tested it with is currently running in my working Athlon 64 system.
  5. A dumb idea, but you wouldn't happened to have connected the 20-pin and/or the 4-pin connectors backwards now would you?
    I'm guessing you can't even get to POST?
    If no components draw any juice, it's obviously a power problem; either within the PSU, within the motherboard circuitry or because of wrong connections. All the components surely can't just refuse to start up altogether.
    Now you seem to have tested this PSU on another system and that it works fine. That leaves us with a mobo problem or bad connections. Once you establish that all connections are fine, you'll find the answer in the mobo.
    Try another PSU if you have one handy, just in case.
    Once, I improperly connected the power plug to the floppy drive. Only that was enough to make the PSU refuse to start the system because of improper connection. I only knew what was wrong when I checked that everything was properly connected, but forgot to check that puny thing called the floppy drive and I tried to force-start the system by holding down the power button. I smoked the floppy drive and fried the connector. That's when I knew the floppy drive was improperly connected. I had to cut the wires to the fried floppy connector and isolate them, and to get another floppy. Luckily, there was another floppy connector.
    Moral: Just check <b>every</b> connection. The most annoying puny little thing can halt the system.

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  6. if the drives dont spin up your power supply isnt up to it. drives will spin up regardless of other issues. unless theres a crossed pin somewhere.

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  7. The drives will spin up if I do one thing to them, disconect them from the motherboard. If they are hooked up to the PSU and not the motherbpard they will spin, but if they ARE hooked up to it, no spin
  8. Oh, and also, to make sure that it wasn't the PSU being overused, we used a 350 PSU (and we also did this with the 410), but pulled out the Radeon and put in a PCI GeForce 2 MX, it still wouldn't POST and the HDD still wouldn't spin up.
  9. ive had that problem only once, on a bad motherboard.

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  10. See if it will post, without any drives.
  11. It won't
  12. Is everything connected properly ?

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  13. When all else fails, try this:
    Unhook everything, remove the motherboard from the case, return it to your vendor, get another one, put this new one in the case, connect everything, and see if it boots.

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