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Hi i have a core i7, 6gb ram ddr3 and a gtx 275 and i recently got gta 4 and about 20 or 30 minutes i started playing an error pops up saying i tun out of video memory, i am playing with settings almost maxed... not maxed at all. My version of gtx 275 is the one with 896 mb. I run the game but taking care that the indicator in the video options is green and not orange or even red. What could be happening?
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  1. there was a review that had that game with 512/1gig/2gig video memory. The game kept benefiting with more memory the higher your settings. You can try increasing your virtual ram. It might help but I think you might need to lower your game settings.
  2. Morgan is right, GTA 4 is all about CPU Power and utilising GPU memory. If you keep getting this issue, try playing with the settings which gives you the same amount of memory (stay in high green) but change say...distance for # of traffic or vice versa.

    If all fails, try re/installing the latest Nvidia drivers + game patches OR lower your settings.

    Good luck.

  3. The latest patches, will help you out, try the patch
    Ask if you need the link=
  4. I will search for it thanks.
  5. Lower draw distance. Set it around 30 to 35. That is more than enough to see far away.

    If that doesn't help, start reducing texture details, etc. The higher you have texture details set, the more memory it's going to eat up.
  6. I see you guys need help....

    1) Open Steam
    2)Right click GTA4 in the game list
    3)Open Properties
    4)Click on "Set Launch Options"
    5)Enter the following without the double quotes "-availablevidmem 6"

    Note: i use 6 because i have 12GB of vid memory, you can change this to anything you want, it represents the amount of Video Memory you have in Gibs so -availablevidmem 6 means i have 6 giga bytes of video memory remaining.

    Also ever want to run the game in a window follow the steps above and add "-windowed" in the launch options. If you have multiple options it should look like this.

    -windowed -availablevidmem 6

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