BFBC2, 4870 and quad core. Weird framerate drops.

I have been struggling with what I thought was a cpu-bottleneck ever since I bought BFBC2 on Steam.
What happens: GPU utilization goes down from 90-98 to 60-70. FPS drops to 36-42. Never more, never less. Inbetween FPS are at 50-60 lagg free. I must add that at 38-40 it REALLY LAGGS. It is very ugly and hardly playable. I never experienced this kind of lagg before, 40 fps should be enough, but something is wrong.
I used to have a Core2 Duo 6850 (overclocked) which I thought was causing the drops. I thought the CPU couldn't supply the GPU with enough juice, so I upgraded to the Quad Core, and was HUGELY disappointed to see that the problem persisted. Now I honestly don't have a clue of what is wrong.

My setup now:
Intel Q8300 Core 2 Quad
ATI 4870
6GB DDR2 PC 6400
WD SATA2 with 64MB cache
NFORCE 650i Ultra

I have tried almost every display driver available, to check if it was a driver issue. 10.5a, 10.4a 10.6, 10.7, 10.8. No luck.
In my settings.ini I have also mixed up the settings a bit, with renderahead: 0-10. No luck. It gets better inbetween, but it still laggs very much.

I love the game, but I am starting to wonder if DICE did something wrong with the programming. Or is it something with ATI 4870?

Any good serious suggestions would be appreciated.... :P

Johannes (Norway)
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  1. Are you letting the game auto update. I had 3 updates so far I think. The 4870, is it the 512 model ? The extra 512 on the 1gig model will help here. Are you comfortable with over clocking ? You pump up the processor a bit. Maybe to 3.0. The memory, 6gig sounds odd. Are they all the same or are they mixed ? If you have 2 2gig sticks that are the same, try running those in the proper slots so the memory runs in dual channel mode.
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