Dragon Age or Mass Effect 2?

I'm moving to a new RPG after replaying through Fallout 3 in anticipation for Fallout: New Vegas and have narrowed it down to Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. I have played through the original Dragon Age: Origins game but have not played Mass Effect 2. Here's my problem. I loved Dragon Age and have now picked up all the DLC. I have not played ME2 because I put about 8 hours in ME1 and was not all that impressed. It was fun, but felt really repetitive. I wasn't impressed with the fighting mechanics all that much. I'm looking to put about 40-50 hours into the game and just don't want to start a game and get bored and then not have the time to put into a different game that it deserves before New Vegas comes out. So do I put the time into DA:O because I know I will enjoy it or do I give ME2 a chance and risk hating it and never picking it back up again. If I choose ME2 I'll go ahead and invest in whatever DLC is out for it.
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  1. i think dragon age would be better
    ME is more fps/rpg
  2. if you've already beat DA then play ME2 Since that would be a fresh exprerience, though it is not that much of an rpg compared to DA, but i do like DA much more than ME2 But ME2 is not a bad game in any way
  3. Mass Effect 2 is quite good, well i like it, youtube them for gameplay, you might find your best fit-
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