Right Channel onboard sound doesn't work?


MSI K8n Neo2 nForce 3 Ultra Chipset Platinum Edition

Other Specs:
Amd 3200+ 64bit Winchester Core
1GB ddr400 pc3200 Geil Ram
80GB ata seagate HDD
geforce 6800 ultra 256mb graphics card
Windows XP Corporate

It has Realteak AC97 onboard sound 7.1 surround support.

Now, I bought my motherboard and installed it myself and had to leave on holiday not long after so I don't know if this problem has been here from the start or it's happened since.

Basic problem: Right Channel sound does not work.

Explanation: if I have the sound environment configured for 2 speaker/headphone and plug my headphones/speakers into the green Line Out port I only get LEFT channel audio. Switching the cables on my amp, I only get Right Channel - so I know it's not my cables.

My case and the motherboard support a headphone jack on the front of the case so if I plug my headphones/speakers into the front port I can hear both left AND right channels. This is how I've had audio for the last 3-4 months.

What I've Done:
- Like I said, plugged my cables into the headphone jack but that only allows stereo sound.
- used the MSI sound Manager to change to 4, 6, 8ch and I still get the same problem.
- updated to the newest 64bit (beta) driver from RealTek and still have same problem

My biggest problem is that I want to fork out and get a speaker system as I'm a gamer and use this PC for movies/dvd viewing but I won't if somethings wrong with my motherboard.

From my novice knowledge it DOES seem like something major is screwed on my motherboard with connectors and wiring but there's no chance I will go tinkering and void my warranty.

My problem with returning for warranty is that i bought the motherboard while in Hong Kong and I live in Australia. Also, since this PC is part of my work/studies I can't bear to send it away and get it back MONTHS later...

Anyway have any knowledge on this problem? Would love to have a simple quick fix but I don't think that's the case :(

Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. I think its a mb problem. If it is, the only way to fix it (in your situation, not wanting to RMA the board) would be to buy a PCI sound card (very cheap).
    Before you do so, try removing al drivers, disable the onboard sound in the BIOS and boot, re-enable the onboard sound and reinstall drivers, see what happens (I think nothing will change).

    And... Did you check the balance?
  2. yes I have checked the balance - first thing I tried.

    I thikn I may have to buy a pci card, may do very soon.

    I'm thinking because the front jack works that it's a jack problem - could be mounted wrong and needs to be remounted but that's not something I nkow about or will trust a computer store to fiddle with.
  3. Minijacks are annoying because the soldering is quite vulnerable (I've had similar problems with portable cd players etc). If it is the soldering, it sometimes is quite easy to repair but I indeed wouldn't recommend doing that.
    A good Creative 7.1 card (Soundblaster Live 24) only costs about $ 25 right now and deliver better quality than the onboard realtek chip.
  4. $24US? I live in Australia :( I will definately check it out tho, is creative definately the brand to look for?
  5. US it is.

    For games, I'd say a Creative card is the best value for money card. There are some cheaper cards available but I really like Creative.
  6. Turtle beach is Ok also

    <font color=blue>If everything seems to be going well, you obviously don't know what the hell is going on</font color=blue>
  7. thanks for your replies guys, I knew I was screwed - just wanted verification :)
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