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I've been playing Dragon Age for about a week and this problem of crashing started a few days ago. The game itself crashes at random times and closes itself and brings me back to the desktop. Everything else works, my computer isn't frozen or requires a hard reset. But it does leave this annoying looping sound that can only be remedied with a restart. I've check temperatures for my CPU and GPU and they run fine. Ran and memory test and it passed. Did a clean install of ATI 10.8 and Nvidia PhysX drivers. I really don't know whats wrong. Does anyone have a clue? All my other games run fine without ever crashing( GTA IV, ME2, Just Cause 2, and etc.)

Any help in appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Here are my specs:

CPU: PII X4 955
GPU ATI 5850
Sound: Asus Ds Xonar
Windows 7 64bit
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  1. from what i've read,
    Dragon Age doesn't play nice when an ATI card is paired w/ an Nvidia Phsyx card.
    That could be your problem.

    I would try turning Physx off in game (if its an option i can't remember, played it when the game first came out)
  2. That's what I thought was weird. When I used Drive Sweeper to get rid of all my ATI video drivers and Nvidia Physx and then re-installed only the ATI Drivers , the game wouldn't work if I didn't install the Nvidia PhysX drivers back. I even tried lowering my graphics detail and etc.
  3. changing graphics detail won't affect Physx at all.
    Thats a separate thing.
    What happens when you uninstall the Nvidia card completely?
  4. The game encounters an error, where it requires Nvidia PhysX drivers.
  5. interesting
    it must scan and find your Physx card...
    the only thing i can think of to do, is unplug that extra card when you want to play games.
    i got nothing else
  6. Ummm...sorry, must've been a misleading post, but I don't have a Nvidia PhysX card...but I have the drivers.
  7. The latest patch made Dragon Age a LOT less stable; it will crash from time to time, and theres no known fix. I've gone through 8 hour session just fine, and I've had it crash twice in under an hour. Near as I can tell, its mostly random...

    DA requires the PhysX binaries be installed because it USED to use PhysX, but I don't think that made it into the release itself...
  8. Usually within an hour of gameplay, it would crash. But what I noticed is that it would crash during the heat of battle or encountering an enemy. After searching around, I assumed it would either be a sound or graphics problem. So I decided to update my sound card drivers, but also I lowered my graphical and texture settings. During those battles, it would lag a bit...but not crash. So I'm assuming its a graphical problem.......thought this game was endorsed by ATI lol.
  9. ^^ I've noticed it happens when activating an ability in battle that has some form of graphical effect; probably a bad pointer if I had to guess...usually right at the start of a battle too...
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