7310 network installation problem on win2k

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I have just bought an HP 7310 all-in-ine printer.

I am using it on a small SoHo network using its built in network

It has installed successfully on one win2k machine on the network but
I'm having problems getting it installed on another. I can't get past
the "Connection Type" installation window where you select the network
connection rather than USB.

All that happens is that I click the "Network" check and then "Next"
and it thinks for a few seconds and returns to the "Connection Type"
screen. It doesn't bring up the window where it says it's searching
for the printer on the network at all.

I've been looking for differences between the system where it works
and the one where it doesn't but can't see anything significant really.
They're both at Win2k SP4 and I've checked through all the network
settings and they're basically the same. The machines are different
though, different motherboards, network card, applications installed

The software installs and works OK if I connect the 7310 to the USB
port so it *can* work on the machine. I contacted HP support and they
got as far as getting me to install using USB and then switch the
printer port to TCP/IP but while that gets the printer working a bit
(I can actually print on it) it's only one way and I can't see the
printer status and the FAX doesn't work.

Has anyone got any ideas what the problem may be and/or any ideas for
other things I can try to get it to install correctly?

Chris Green
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)

    I'm having the same issue as you are but with an OfficeJet 7410, any
    luck so far
  2. Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)

    Charles <charles@bak.rr.com> wrote:
    > I'm having the same issue as you are but with an OfficeJet 7410, any
    > luck so far
    Yes, I have it installed OK now. I *think* the magic thing that I did
    to get it installed was one of the two following:-

    Disconnect all network drives

    Remove all USB devices

    It might also have been unnstalling some very old FAX software but
    that seems unlikely to me.

    The only remaining issues I have now are:-

    Fax software goes very slow after you access the fax log, it's
    quite OK if you don't acces the fax log.

    I can't access Photo cards from the computer.

    Chris Green
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