Can't Get My Machine to POST!

Help, I can't get my new self-built PC to boot up! I installed the mobo, proc, RAM, and video card, but when I turn the thing on it just starts the fans for a second and then stops completely. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?

My components are:

SOLTEK SL-K8TPro-939 ATX AMD Motherboard

crucial 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM System Memory x4

RAIDMAX Mustang ATX-889WBP Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window

My video card is an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro.
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  1. somethings fried

    the fact it wont post leads to these conclusions
    First thing to check is the IDE cables. reversing these COULD lead to this.

    if thats not it. check to ensure you've properly plugged in all the power leads into your motherboard. Most boards have at least 2 sets of wires going in.

    and last but not least this could also cause it

    CPU Dead
    RAM Dead
    Video Card Dead

    any beeps?
  2. to make sur something is fried or not, my best advice is to smell inside the case. Fryed electrical component have a really distinctive smell. Might also be the PSU that fried, that wouldnt post and wouldnt give any beeps!

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  3. I just got the proc and ram in yesterday, I don't think they could be fried. Nothing smells fried. I know my video card works, I'm using it right now. Everytime I try to test the other machine I have to switch it out. I also tried the power supply on another machine, and it works fine.
  4. Does the mobo have a built-in speaker? If not, plug your speakers in to see if there are any beeps.

    Try just 1 or 2 sticks of RAM right now to see.

    Do a BIOS reset, or pull the bios battery for 5-10 min.

    Make sure the CPU fan is plugged into the CPU fan plug.

    Those are my suggestions to add to the list. :smile:

  5. Looks like insufficient PSU. get a good brand and at least 400W. It will help to make the system to last and run stable.

    I once put a new board+cpu in a case with a cheap 450 W PSU and the system did the same thing..the fans turn for a second and quit. I replaced the PSU with a good branded 350W PSU and the system is running stable and strong since then..

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  6. Hey, thanks for the reply! I'm not sure though, is a RaidMax 420 W good or not?
  7. I had that PSU and even though it looks cheap, it powered my system for almost a year before I bought my 500W Fortron bluestorm. If you can borrow a PSU and test your computer like that.

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  8. then look for grounded motherboard .. either by a misplace post underneat the motherboard or by bad wiring. Did you plug the 4 pins square connector. maybe your PSU doesnt have it, but it is needed.

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  9. Oh yes, I have ideas, in fact I could have the system up and running for you in, say, half an hour. Oh wait, someone already put all those solutions in the first post of this forum!

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  10. I would back it in dollars to doughnuts that it is the CPU (and possibly the mainboard also). I have had a few of these come into the shop recently. When u power it up, it kicks in the fans for about half a second then dies. Sounds a classic fried CPU to me.
  11. Crash.. you'll never convince those noob to read your faq.. Just a sad fact..

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