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Dead space running smooth on top specs but MMORPG not?

Hello guys!

So here's my problem...
I can play dead space with graphics at maximum but when I'm playing a MMORPG, every 10 minutes the graphic processing drops by half and everything turns extremely slow, FPS goes way down. I've already checked my internet and my ping is around 18.

I'm using 2 LCD screens at the moment, but as I said, dead space is perfect.

My 3d board is a gforce 9800 GT
Intel quad-core
120GB free space on HD
windows sp3
all 3d board drivers are updated.

What's the matter? Is it low RAM, because it's an online game? Is it the service pack 3?

And more important, how can I find out?

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  1. Maybe the 9800GT is starting to overheat causing this to happen.... try lowering the settings and see if this problem persistes
  2. with a MMORPG it can sometimes have to suddenly collect huge numbers of textures from HDD/SSD.

    More RAM may help, or a faster HDD.
  3. Probably RAM ralated; if the population in an area suddenly goes up, it could be leading to significant perfomance problems with just 2GB RAM.
  4. Hmmm alright, but if it were the 9800 GT overheating, it would sure happen when playing dead space on top specs...

    But...I don't think it is possible that the game population has grown that much to cause that kind of lag...

    Because when I stopped playing that issue just had never happened...I got back a few days a go and the problem started.


    Maybe some temporally incompatibility with my ISP and the game server? If it is something related to the internet..

    or maybe I've got a program running in the background which I don't know...But the only real change I could think of is the sp3, which probably wouldn't couse that right?
  5. uhh when running deadspace on full settings i really doubt it'll make the 9800gt overheat since it is very small corridor and its not the most graphically intense game, MMORPGS have Vast Wide Open Areas compared to rooms. but take my advice just lower the settings just to test if thats the reason if not then theirs minus one
  6. Mithness, it's really not the high graphics on the MMORPG..I have already lower them all to the lowest...the issue persists.

    But really, I doubt it is the 3d board BUT if it is, how can I find out for SURE? Maybe running 3d mark?

    I'm betting on the ISP or the game server


    Some program running in the background, but I have no idea how to find which one it is..
  7. if it's FPS "lag" then it's not your internet... if it's like ppl glitching everywhere and *** then its Internet "Lag" another thing is like what MMORPG is this? and if this is becuase your in a city/high populated area well that happens to bassically everyone since theirs so much on the screen it happens to me with in WoW and i have a 4850 so... i dunno
  8. Mithness said:
    if it's FPS "lag" then it's not your internet... if it's like ppl glitching everywhere and *** then its Internet "Lag" another thing is like what MMORPG is this? and if this is becuase your in a city/high populated area well that happens to bassically everyone since theirs so much on the screen it happens to me with in WoW and i have a 4850 so... i dunno

    It is not because of population or anything else...the fps drop happens in any place on the game, any time, from 12 pm to 12 am.

    And it is FPS lag...but I dont know if the internet-hardware relation actually could mess up with the FPS...

    So, if it is my computer hardware, HOW CAN I FIND out which one is the correct?

    3d board, memory, background program running..etc?
  9. Also remember games are built on different engines, So your hardware is good for one bad for the other depends how you configure your settings against the games system requirements
  10. But the thing is I played this game for a long time and nothing happened. Is it probably a software/hardware configuration on the computer, since lowering ingame graphics doesnt help at all.

    Now, how can I find that out?

    I have no idea how to set my 3d board to a better performance...

    But here, there has to be a way to find out exactly what is slowing my pc through some program right?

    Because, I know the exact period the issue happens (when all gets slow). So, If I had a program that could show me the performance of everything in my pc, I would just compare the status when the FPS is low to when it's high.

    Then I'd find out.
  11. Well do this ctrl - alt - del, end task pop's up then click on performance see whats using your memory and clean the inside of your PC amazing how dust can slow your PC down to as airflow struggles to get through
  12. So a memory improvement could fix the issue?

    the most imporat question is: how do i know when I need more memory based on the task manager information? I mean there is a bunch of numbers there but i can't read them.

    ps HMM

    alright, so i got a copy of that everest ultimate and it's saying that something called GPU diode is at 92o C or 198o F, with the game running.

    is that ok? cuse it doest seem ok :/
  13. Your RAM is indicated under Physical Memory in task manager works in KB not MB so it will just look like numbers but you will clearly see how much is used off of it for example:

    Total : 506608
    Available: 140053
    System Cache : 127164

    This example came off my computer at work.

    Notice the total its higher than the Available, System cache is whats been used. Your programs that are running on your desktop use it mostly like explorer, Click on Processes in task manager and take a look at where your RAM is being used.

    I say go get another 2GB if you only using two 1 GB cards to make up your 2 GB of RAM then a whole 2 GB which will make it 3 GB is plenty and you will notice a big difference.
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    @Sneak3 92odegrees is not good temperature for a graphics card and when a card overheats it slows down any everything (making the game run worst) try and cool it now what game was it that said it was getting that hot dead space or the mmo?
  15. I also stated to clean the dust out of your fans if you have any cause dust build up is also a major factor. But keep in mind that more RAM should be a priority and this is one way of increasing performance as well as sufficient cooling.
  16. yes dust accually might be causing the fan to slow down and not cool so yea, and if he has 2gb of ram i think thats fairly good i dont think he need to necissarlly buy 2gb or anything i think 2gb is plenty i only have 2gb and i run WoW and Aion Fine
  17. The other day i was cleaning out my case as i noticed a rise in temperture, My CPU fan was so clogged with dust it was like a thick blanket over the grill, air wasn't even pushing through my fan was louder than it should of been as its 4000 Rpm so imagine, since i cleaned out my box the tempertures are back to normal and i didn't experience a lag in the games i played. So heres what you do as i stated firstly:

    1) Clean Your computer inside and out use a small vaccum cleaner to suck out the dust if you can.

    2) I strongly suggest getting atleast a 2GB RAM card as games require more resources than the typical system requirements at the back of the cover.

    Notice when you buy a game it says 1 GB RAM recommended you think cool i got 2GB, But did the game say DDR, DDR2, DDR3??? so its always best to have slightly more than whats expected.

    I hope this gives you an idea of what to do.
  18. Ok guys, cleaned my pc, upgraded my ram and while doing that, i found out that my vga's cooler had broken. Got a new one and everything is perfect now. A hot vga reallyyyyyy messes it all up!

    Thanks for all the answers guys!

    And thanks mithness, you've hit right on!
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