MoBo will not accept new Video Card

Hi, I decided to upgrade the video card on my system. I got a Leadtek GeForce 6600 GT TDH (agp) from newegg. I returned it the first time thinking it was defective. Received the replacement and the same thing is happening.

Here are the symptoms, the pc "boots" but my monitor does not get a signal. All of the fans start up and the my two dvd-drives light up a couple of seconds. But that's it, nothing else. I have the flashed the BIOS with the latest version and even cleared the CMOS with the jumper.

I have an HP pavillion with the ASUS A7V8X-LA Mobo. I really have no idea what could be happening and from what I read on old posts, people reported the same problem while attempting to install an ATI 9600XT and a Geforce FX5900. I didn't see any solutions posted thought so here i am. One of my guru friends seems to think that the AGP slot is not getting the necessary power to handle the card???

I chatted with a stupid online technician at HP without any solution. I also called HP Tech Support but since my PC is out of warranty they want to charge me $40 to work on my "case".
Please help me! this is really getting frustrating. Any ideas?
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  1. Whats the power supply on it?
  2. The power supply is the standard 250W that came with the PC. You think that's the problem? I tried unplugging everything from the PSU except the Hard drive (Both DVD-Drives, floppy). Should I upgrade the PSU to a 300W ?
  3. Borrow a good PSU and then test it, if it really is the PSU you should get something bigger, that you can use in a future upgrade, a good PSU is gonna set you back around $90 for a 500W.

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  4. 250w? yaaa. you'l lneed a better one. and 300w is probably NOT going to be enough. most of these newer video cards recommend you having at least a 350 - 400w power supply
  5. You guys are awesome, thank you for the help. I just installed a new PSU (430W) and everything works fantastic.
  6. Glad we could help.
    What brand is your PSU.

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