Radeon 4670 not good enough for dx 10 Orr 11 gaming?

I recently got an iMac with an radeon 4670 but on stalker call of pripayat although I cAn maximize settings and aa af on static lightning I can't use other lightning methods without taking a huge leap downward with my fps in game. Like full dynamic light kills it for me where I have to make the game look ugly for 30 fps while otherwise I get 80 to 130. Is this normal? Btw I'm playing on dual boot bootcamp window 7 64 bit.
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  1. a 4670 isn't a very high-end card, so you will struggle at some higher settings depending on your resolution.
  2. Also, a 4670 can't do DX11. It's a DX10 card, so you won't see anything that DX11 can bring to the table. It will only use DX10 extensions.
  3. When the HD 4670 was initially released it was considered a higher end mainstream gaming video card.

    Currently the HD 5570 has equivalent performance to the HD 4670. The HD 5570 is considered as a value video card that good for video and light gaming.
  4. But how come stalker a tame not brand new has lightning that can't even perform on it? I mean I haveto essentially use the same engine and lightning from the first game although with more bells and whistles like resolutions and anti aliasing. Would the first stalker on the other lightning options also struggle?
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