Need help! Problem playing my 360 on monitor

Hey guys. This is my first thread on the site, so hello!

Having a problem....recently bought a Viewsonic 27'' widescreen monitor. It's 1080p full HD, it plays my PC games great, they look amazing. I have a geforce gtx 460 graphics card, so all my games on pc are fine.

The problem is when I hook my monitor up to my xbox. The games are not high def. I chose 1080p widescreen on the xbox, still the graphics look very sloppy, nowhere near HD. I can't figure out why my xbox games don't look anything close to HD, but my PC games do. Both my PC and xbox connect to my monitor via HDMI. If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it so much. Thanks
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  1. I'm sorry to break this to you but publisher may claim that their games are 1080p but in reality, they simply match the aspect ration. That said, your new GPU doesn't process anything when you're playing Xbox (you're Xbox is).

    To clarify, you do plug your Xbox 360 directly in your monitor right? If so, you've just realized why certain people (like me) much prefer PC gaming over console gaming (at least, visualy).
  2. I understand what you're saying about games not being in true 1080. And I also understand what you're saying about my video card, I already knew that.

    But my xbox games aren't even in HD when on my monitor. I've seen xbox on an HDTV and they look really, really good. But when hooked up to my monitor, something is not right. It barely looks any better than my non-hd tv.....yet i'm supposed to be running in 1080?? The screen looks really grainy, and it looks as though anti-aliasing isn't even on (rough, jagged edges).
  3. Does anyone else have any idea why my HD monitor looks great on pc but looks bad on xbox 360? I have xbox360 set to 1080p but it still looks really bad.....
  4. I feel bad about the first post. So I apologize.

    Now, maybe this can help:

    Let me know if you're still having issues.

  5. did you ever get this sorted as I have the exact same issue. I have tried all the settings but just can't get it to look anywhere near as good as it does on a HDTV.

    I have 4 1080p monitors, IIyaman and Benq but it always like grainey as though your playing on 340 x 480

    really appreciate some feedback if anyone has found a solution

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