Best 2009 graphics card for flight simulator

Hello, i play fsx flight sim as part of flight management for flight training- i just purchased an hp pavillion p6516f- athlon II 630 quad- 64 bit 6gb ddr3- 1 ter- windows 7- onboard ati radeon graphics- and i want to buy a video card that will optimize my hardware and software to play the game at its best potential- can you recommend? thank you
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  1. ATi HD5770
  2. Flight simulator is one of those games that require lots of CPU power as oppose to GPU power. Purchasing a 800$ videocard isn't going to give much bang for the buck with this game. Take a look at this for example (link below), the difference isn't huge between GPUs.,2403-10.html

    Look at this article for a good reference on which card you might want to buy that match your budget (link below).,2697.html

    Good luck


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