Poor performance of phenom x6+hd4870 in GTA 4

I recently got Gta 4.but it runs very bad on my pc with phenom x6 1090t+hd4870 1g with 2gb ddr2 800MHz.Also the game runs very ugly like the shadow edges looks broken.Even i run at 1024*768(cannot go beyond this due to vga monitor),the game runs at 35+ fps but it drops to 20-25 fps in fog and rainy scenes.

Though gta4 is cpu intensive,so whats holding back?is it due to my old ddr2 mobo that is bottle necking my phenom x6 1090t?
i have seen youtube vids with same cpu+gpu(cpu even lower) and gta 4 all settings high and gets 40 fps.My system even exceeds the recommended game requirements.(except pf ram which exactly meets them.)

phenom x6 1090t
radeon 4870 1g
2 gigs ddr2 800MHz
Biostar 785ge 128m

settings using in gta 4

view distance 55
detail distance 45
vehicle density 25
shadow 14
Texture -high
render very- high
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  1. Make sure the game is patched at that all your drivers are up to date.
  2. I average around 40+ fps during normal play, but when it rains and such, it does slow me down to around 30 and even to 25 fps. GTA IV is just not a well optimized game. The latest patch seems to have fixed that issue as Herr_Koos alluded to on patching the game.

    Also, the more RAM you have the better. I'm running with 4 gigs of ddr2 800MHZ.

    When you set your graphic details, make sure the memory bar at the bottom isn't maxed out. When it turns from green to yellow, that means you're coming up on the max memory allowed on your video card. You really want it to be green. Try fiddling with the detail settings. Definitely draw distance and texture detail will eat this up quickly. What is your draw distance set to? Have you maxed that out as much as possible? Try lowering it to around 30 to 35. That will be MORE than sufficient and it will outdo the console version's draw distance.
  3. lowering the setting a little could help alot specally the draw distnace (32 is a ps3 distance)
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