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Starcraft 2 is not so good,

In my opinion, its fast and graphics are sub par, but age of mythology, warcraft, and rise of nations were better at the time in their prime. SC2 took too long fir a decent but not superb game. Even the visuals are dismal. I topped all the settings on my 5850 and yet the visuals werent even up to par with some older games(cutscenes, whatnot)

Do you think SC2 was a bit too hyped or you think blizzard is going to pull a rabbit out of the hat with Diablo instead and make ppl forget SC2 even with those expansions.
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  1. With certain companies or game franchises there will always be hype as we seen with WoW, CoD MW series, Halo, GTA and so on, but doesnt always mean the game is gona be as good as its prequal.

    I never play the orginal Starcraft online but did love the game, and was hyped for Starcraft 2, bought the CE so that tells you something, but most off the hype is on the MP where im into the story and mainly that i just get my arse whip but a fun game still.
  2. The problem is SC2 is basically a heavily updated SC1. SC1 was great for its time...
  3. SC2 was neither over hyped nor underwhelming. Certainly it's not going to be everybody's cup of tea (no game is), but it's hardly a disappointment. It might just be the best game across all platforms this year.

    If you're looking for something in the game that is not what the game is about (like stunning graphics) you might to be disappointed. But the visuals are hardly dismal. The game is rock solid across every aspect of what it's supposed to be rather than trying to over extend into frivolous and unnecessary ends and leaving holes in the important parts.

    I'm not really sure what SC2 leaves to be desired unless you are looking for something that is not what SC is about? The presentation is very solid, even though it's not what the game is about. MP is awesome, but you have to realize going in what SC MP is about. SC1 has been around for over a decade so it shouldn't be any surprise what SC MP is. I haven't even touched the campaign but I've heard nothing but good things from people who've played it including many who say they bought the game solely for the campaign. The custom maps are really good as well. My son likes to play a lot of those games and there already is a lot of really cool custom maps/games out there.

    But I've pretty much just stuck to the MP. I'm really not a big MP online gaming person and never really try to play anything competitively but I'm pretty well addicted to SC2 MP ladder.

    Like I said there is really no surprise as to what this game is or isn't. If you're looking for a game that is what SC2 is, then you certainly won't be disappointed, it's about as close to flawless for what it is supposed to be as any game in recent memory that I can think of.
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    +1 to purplerat. Starcraft II cant have unreal stunning graphics in its very nature due to the fact that you need to be able to see 2-8 armys and all of their units and whats going on during huge fights. If there was a lot of crazy explosions or laser or rockets shooting through the air you wouldnt be able to see and micro armys. I thought they did a good job of making the game much more textured and very simple and easy to see 200+units in 1 screen shot fighting and have it not just look like a could of activity.
  5. I think Blizzard made a wise move with SC2 in keeping the graphics basic enough to be accessible to a wide range of users (like what they did with WoW). Starcraft is mostly about competitive multiplayer play. Having 2 or even more massive armies clashing on the screen can still be fairly intense even with the visuals SC2 does have. It's much more important for this type of game that users not suffer lag or slow downs at crucial moments in a match than it is to have Crysis-like graphics.
  6. @ OP, What is it with you and starting threads on topics that are already being discussed? This one could have been added to and it might even have answered your questions.
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