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Battlefield Bad Comapny 2 DLC Question

I want to buy BFBC2 but I'm not sure if the upcoming Vietnam DLC expansion will be available for digital download on steam or in some other form. So if I buy the retail version would I still be able to get the DLC in some way? I don't get how it works :??:
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  1. Whether you buy BFBC2 digitally (Steam) or retail, you'll be able to install the DLC if you purchase it using the same method. DLC Vietnam will be made available on Steam - though sometimes you can only get a few days later after release.
  2. So if I get the retail version of BFBC2 how would I get the DLC? Since Steam wouldn't be an option because I didn't buy it off there.
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    I see what you mean. Well I can comfirm that Vietnam is DLC release only...which means that it should be made compatible to both the DD version as well as retail. But since you have a choice, go for the DD version with Steam or other DD sites.
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