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I'm not getting the email that gives me the windows 8 media center product key, does anyone know what's happening?
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  1. ...Microsoft hasn't sent them out yet?
  2. Hi,

    Where did you buy it ?
  3. I didn't receive it yet either, they are probably overloaded with requests. Either that or somehow it knows I don't have my Windows 8 installed on anything yet or at all associated with the e-mail I entered.
  4. I got it off of their site.
  5. ok got it.
  6. I got mine today too... We just needed to wait a bit longer :)
  7. Can someone please help me out...ive tried requesting for the key but in vain ,i even tried using all my emails thinking that my original email did not get registered well during the upgrade but none so any case you might have received two of these keys i would really appreciate it if you send it my way.Thanks in advance.
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