Upgrade the CPU or not?

A friend is wanting to upgrade his cpu (Intel). He has a mobo (sorry unknown model at this stage) with a fsb 533 and an old P4 at 1.8 ghz. His board can take a chip up to 3.2 ghz however. But, the newer chips/boards are all 800 fsb right? so is it worth putting a newer P4 chip onto it, or better to upgrade both mobo and cpu at the same time?
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  1. well, ultimately it will be used for some video editing/gaming....the question is, to buy the cheaper 533 fsb suited chip and a nice gfx card ie:6600 GT, or to go a better chip and new mobo, which will cost a lot more as well as the gfx card. If money was no issue, Id say go straight to the 775 boards and a nice P4 6xx series.
  2. I dont think they made a 133/533 1.8, so if he's running a 100mhz fsb, a 133/533 2.8 will really put a smile on his face. The fastest chip that board supports is the 3.06, but it's hard to find, and very pricey when or if you do. The money would be much better spent on good graphics.
  3. Ok, this is what we have:

    Name Intel Pentium 4
    Code Name Northwood
    Specification Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.80GHz

    Front Side Bus Frequency 100.0 MHz
    Bus Speed 400.0 MHz
    Motherboard manufacturer Intel Corporation
    Motherboard model D845PESV, AAA97669-107
    Chipset Intel i845PE rev. B0
    Southbridge Intel 82801DB (ICH4) rev. 02

    So you think a faster northwood P4 and say a geforce 6600gt AGP card would boost this system nicely? Does it matter if it is a 400 or 533 mhz P4 chip for that board in the end? Can a Prescott P4 go with this board? Just that they are much easier to find here than the old northwoods, they are like hens teeth here. Though im a little worried about the heat scotty puts out.
    Im thinking of putting this chip in:

    Intel Pentium 4 2.80G-A (PRESCOTT/ 1MB/ 533 FSB/ 0.09u/ S478)

    this board only has 4x AGP slot however. If we can't find a decent 4x card, will it take a newer 8x AGP? and is it worth it, or would be lose a lot of performance?
  4. OK, im pretty sure the cpu id like to put in above for him will be sweet. But the gfx card is causing concern. Reading about agp 4x v 8x compatibility suggests there may be problems with voltages....the specs for this board state:

    Graphic Interface AGP
    AGP Status enabled, rev. 2.0
    AGP Data Transfer Rate 4x
    AGP Max Rate 4x
    AGP Side Band Addressing supported, not enabled
    AGP Aperture Size 32 MBytes

    ive read the 2.0 revision means probably a different voltage for the agp slot and some newer 8x agp cards wont like that? can anyone enlighten me some more?
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