Starcraft 2 Suggested Settings Wrong (GTX460/i5-750)


I initially installed SC2 to my laptop which can run it on Most Settings of Medium without too many issues (ie. not very good).

I built a PC yesterday with the following specs:
-EVGA P55 SLI Mobo
-i5 750 CPU
-2x2 GB Patriot Viper II Sector 5 CAS8 1600 RAM

However, SC2 still states my default settings on the new rig as Defaulted to "Medium".... and I believe all of the "Suggested Settings" are those that were set on my laptop.

I would expect the readout to scale to the user's specs, ie. my new Default/Recommended should be Ultra.... I think....

I would add that my monitor is old and trash, with 1280x1024 max resolution.... however, I cant imagine that this forces the scale down on suggested specs, as it is easier to run things on lower res. I have tried updating to the most recent 258.96 drivers and no dice.

I'm stumped guys, anyone for the save? The performance seems to suggest that I am getting true Ultra settings when I manually force the issue- but SC2 keeps wanting to default me to 1280x768 and Medium/Junk settings across the board....

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  1. So your setting it to Ultra and 1280x1024 and then Starcraft changes it back to medium and 1280x768? Your system should run Ultra no problem. It dosent matter what starcraft wants to defualt you too just set it to ultra and pwn some noobs.
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