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Hi board. Haven't posted in some time. Life got and changes. Anyway, a nurse I work with has a grandson who wants to game ...but she has an over the counter bargain HP comp. No video card or slot. I am going to salvage parts and make her grandson a comp. he can do some game competing with. I need to know some cheap motherboards, with AGP slot on the AMD side, that can do the job. I would like to put more money towards video and ram. Also, what is the cheapest video that can allow him to play in most games. Nvidia preferred. I was thinking 128mbs...if it isn't to expensive for his grandamother. Again, can you also suggest an AMD cpu for the board and keep ram prices in mind. Remember he is going from nothing to a gaming status. I want to get himn started and not shock grandma with the price. If you can come up with all the parts...board, cpu, ram and would be appreciated. Like I said...I have been very busy and I am not up to snuff on the technology and prices; like I used to be. Thank you very much.
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  1. I recommend a socket a or 754 combo deal from Fry's or, if money is a concern. I just found an athlon 64 2800 boxed cpu with ecs board for $130, and it works pretty well, even with the via chipset and onboard video. The board came with an agp slot, in case I want to add a video card later. They also have sempron socket a combos as low as $70, and I recommend the boxed versions with 3 year warranty and heatsink. Whatever motherboard you buy, try pc3200 memory, even with older boards that don't require it. It usually works at the slower speed, and can be transferred to a faster chipset board later for better performance.
  2. >>>I like what you recommended for myself. I think the 13 yr old boy would be thrilled with this...but I think grandma wouldn't understand the importance of these parts and would want to go cheaper. If I can skimp on the mobo (say last years models) and cpu (boards with a range for cpu speed; here I can start out mediocre and the young man can upgrade as he goes) ...and even the ram...maybe something more generic...then I can plead for a decent video card that will introduce him to competative gaming...I think right now he and his friends are playing a warcraft game. I am not familiar with last years boards and their reliability. I would like to keep the board down under 70 dollars and the cpu also...if this is possible. I am going to look at your suggestions for myself...I am due for an upgrade.
    P.S. Grandma is very religious and the grandchildren worship with her...we had a time explaining that the games were able to turn off blood and that they were mostly about scoring points (like capture the flag or briefcase)...and that the shooting merely eliminated opposition team members trying to get to those items; that they come back to life when the teams try to score again. So we got her to agree. This will give you some idea of the situation. Thank you again.<<<<
    frew of stew (dudette or betty)
  3. This sounds you have a link or address?
    Thanks frew
    P.S. Would still appreciate more suggestions as I shop for parts.
    Love you folks at Tom's...always have :)
  4. wanted to try and give this a kick and see if I can get some more responses...thanks
    frew of stew
  5. Abit NF8-V <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>
    Sempron 3000 for s754 <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>
    Get a 6600GT for around $150, and 512 of DDR400.
  6. >>>This sounds good. Think I will go with the mobo and cpu. Wanted to ask you an others about Chaintech SA5500T2 video will see it at newegg...along with customer seems like 89 folks bought it at newegg...or at least reviewed it. Do you think it would do the job for most games...especially warcraft and possibly call of duty. Thanks
  7. >>>Is the 6600Gt a 256mb card for around 150 dollars? And what brand is good?
  8. They are typically 128MBs and this <A HREF="" target="_new">eVGA</A> should do a great job. The FAQ in the Video card section has a great rundown of the good, bad and ugly for manufacturers.

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