What To Play Next? Suggest Please

I just finished Uninstalling MassEffect2 and Far Cry2 for being such boring games. Mass Effect 2 TALK TALKS and scattered action. Far Cry 2...is just too repetative same things again and again..damn..

Now I have just got few games with me Battlefield 2, Prince of Persia Forgotten winds, Singularity , Saboteur, Mirror's Edge , Call Of Juarez Blood...Wolfenstein2, Bionic commando and PRo EVo soccer 2010.
Downloading Mafia 2 from steam.

Any suggestions which of these games would be the most thrilling to play I want to start with the best one with nonstop thrill and all..

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  1. Singularity and Wolfenstein2 were not too bad I thought.
  2. Yes I think i will start form singularity Have read few good reviews about it..
  3. I thought it was OK and the story makes more sense than Wolfensteins did.
  4. okays and should I even bother to install other games 2 ? lol...I have alwys loved half life kinda games..half life all series....and fear for that amazing creepy tension...dead space..with constant butterflies in stomach lol..I wish i could find something like that in these games
  5. I've been working my way through Just Cause 2 as well just recently and that's OK but I can see how it's not everyone's cup of tea, and I borrowed my mates copy of AvP a while back but I couldn't get it to run properly so I gave up on it but from the little bit I did play I can't say I was as impressed as I'd hoped for.
  6. I am waiting for dead space 2..and MW Black Ops.. Modern warfare series is just amazing...Played Battlefield 2 for 15 minutes now..not that great..
    AvP is not good? I was thinking to buy it...its a dx11 game i guess..how does it looks?
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