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I'm thinking about getting the logitech G13 pad to play PC games with. As you can tell by my sig I HATE playing on a keyboard and mouse. I usually only play PC games that auto detect the 360 controller (or at least accept controllers). Because of this I'm missing out on some good game (RPGs mainly) so I was thinking about the the G13.

Can anybody who has it tell me if the joystick on the right of it is used for movement or do I still have to suffer through the completely retarded WASD way of moving. I know it can be configured any way you want, but it comes with pre recognized profiles for certain games (WoW, Age of Conan, etc) for these pre recognized games is the stick the method used to move around or the keys?
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  1. Really??? Nobody has or has even played with this thing before?? Wow
  2. I guess not, oh well.
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