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C++ Compiler for Win 7


I have some sources that I need to compile and for me to do this I need a good C++ compiler. I was wondering which compiler would be the best for Win 7 and the rig noted in my sig (i7 920 OCed + 12GB RAM + 5850). I was thinking of using ICC (Intel C++ Compiler) that I can get via the CS department at school or is there a GOOD GCC implementation that matches ICC performance in Win 7. Normally, for stuff like this I use Fedora x64 and GCC, however for this project I need Windows. Will Visual Studio work too? I'm not sure since VB is nonstandard version of BASIC.
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  1. Currently I use Visual Studio 2008 and testing 2010 with Win 7 x64 and XP x86 both works fine.
  2. Visual Studio will work just fine, and the Express editions are free:
  3. Cool. I guess VS would do.

    Btw, this is a very CPU & RAM bound program specifically aimed at running some fluid dynamic computations (yes, it is multi threaded up and optimized up to 32 threads). For something like this, would compiling with ICC help much?

    Note: I did not write this program. A buddy of mine at CMU wrote it.
  4. I don't think so, a better value can have CUDA but u already have ATI so that isn't important.
  5. ^ Good point. I do still have a 8800GTX + Q6600 rig. I guess we could try CUDA and see. But I think the amount of RAM available on the 8800GTX may be a bottleneck.
  6. Maybe or maybe not u only can know that testing I use my GTX260 for Folding and is awesome.
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    saint19 said:
    I don't think so, a better value can have CUDA but u already have ATI so that isn't important.

    honestly i would recommend picking up OpenCL since it is cross vendor cross platform

    or if only for windows you could try DirectCompute

    and VS would work just fine (use it for windows programming since VS2005)
  8. ^ I talked to my friend about it, he said it would be easier to use CUDA since it is already in C++. No idea if this is true or not; I don't use C/C++ (I write in Java and Perl and some Python).

    I grabbed ICC from school today, it compiled fine. Will try VS.
  9. i would be a bit easier to use (as it is close to c/c++), though OpenCL would allow for either company (as would DirectCompute)
  10. Just wanted to let you guys know, we converted it in to CUDA compatible code and ran it on an old 8800GTX.... we completed the sim run in ~ 12minutes. We ran the code on an i7 920 OCed and it took ~32minutes. So yeah, CUDA makes a pretty damn big difference, esp. when the sims will start to get more complicated.

    Thank you all.
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