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Hi guys i was wondering..

Which of these two games is more taxing?

Starcraft II


Dawn of War II?

I just downloaded the demo of Dawn of War II, and at 800x600 all settings low/off the framerate was about 15 (very playable)

So tell me, which game would run better?

I'm not asking for rts recommendations, i just wanna know which will have a higher framerate.


GMA 4500M (lol)

2 GHz Celeron M
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  1. Well, if you consider 15fps "playable", you have more patience than me...

    I doubt SCII will run at all on that system.
  2. SC2 may run but it will be hellishly sluggish

  3. So is that a yes, it will run better than DoW 2?

    Or a no, it will run worse than DoW 2?
  4. 15fps vs not at all...

    DoW2 was released 18 months ago so it will probably be less taxing.

    Why don't you just compare the recommended system requirements and see which one is higher?
  5. The minimum system requirements for starcraft 2 are actually MUCH lower than dow2, and the game DOES run (i bought at EB teh other day) and the fps is roughly what i expected (roughly 14-17, very playable)
  6. Cool, but then I don't understand why you asked the question in the first place.
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