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For some reason when i installed win 7 on my desktop, it created two boot loaders, one on the primary drive formatted for windows, and one on a separate internal drive that has never had windows, only backup files. My PC asks me which OS i want to boot into, one is the actual OS, and one is the rogue boot loader. Any Idea on who to get rid of this without having t reformat?
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  1. Hi.

    Run msconfig select the boot tab and do click on "check the boot entries"
  2. +1 saint19
  3. thanks for the info saint. I checked the boot entries and only found the one on my actual OS disk under C:\Windows, not the one on one of my spare drives which I know is there and dont want there. I have ubuntu installed on the second drive on a partiton, the other partition is a windows spare drive. When i tell my system to boot from this drive it shows the boot options for ubuntu and includes the windows 7 boot loader in this menu. If you try to boot from the win7 boot loader it says it doesnt exist (obviously). Theres a little more information for you if that helps.
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