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I have only started playing games on my pc but hate using the keyboard my question is, how can i tell if the pc game will allow me to use a gamepad, i know most 'games for windows' states on the back you can use an x box pad but what about the rest, do they all allow gamepads will it state on the backcover that it does, or is it just luck of the draw that the game might or might not, thanks all.
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  1. Hi Andy,

    Nowadays, you won't find much games that do not support gamepads. Whether its a game for windows certified or not. I own the XBOX 360 controller (for PC) and I haven't had any game reject it.

    That said, much like the consoles, the downside of playing with a controller is that often you will not be able to custom set you buttons. Logitech has a software that can counter that but for the most part, but all you usually get is a few different setups, but no custom setup. BTW, same applies to other gamepads.

    I'll play my FPS with keyboard and mouse but games like Assassins' Creed or Dead Space just feels better with a gamepad.

    Hope this helped.

  2. cheers mate
  3. xpadder Google it it will work with any controller and u can set up all the buttons and if done right u can even use the controllers for windows
  4. All my 3rd person shooters + car games are played with a Logitech Rumble Pad, some games are finicky when it comes to compatibility so you will have to manually fix those (edit a few files), but other than that you should be fine. I have yet to find a game that does not work with both the key/mouse and game-pad.
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