Starcraft 2 crashing on new build

I built my rig up about two weeks ago and have recently ran into problems with SC2.

Mind you, I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64bit. The only things installed on my hard drive are SC2, ventrilo, aim, google chrome, HoN, and iTunes.

Pretty much the problem I'm running into is that my SC2 will randomly crash during either the loading screen or even during midgame. After the crash, SC2 starts up the repair tool and it has done nothing but tell me that my installation is corrupt and to reinstall.

Only problem is, when I try and reinstall, my installation stops at 5-10% and tells me that my installer is corrupt and that SC2 could not transfer/write a certain terrain file or something of that sort (varied during my NUMEROUS [and I mean NUMEROUS] attempts at reinstallation). Eventually, I got fed up and went to bed. Next morning, woke up, and it installed without a hitch (but this time, I installed it in the general C:/ directory and not Program Files). Weird thing is, I've already crashed once on this new install but, BUT, the repair tool ACTUALLY repaired it and it has been running for the past two days.

I'm posting this because I wanted some input from you guys as to what might be the problem. The computer is brand spankin new, all the chipset drivers and graphics card drivers are up to date. Windows is fully updated. What i'm concluding is that I might have a bad hard drive? Seeing as how I couldn't even install it on the drive because of some "writing" issues.

If anyone else has had similar troubles or has any ideas, chime in!

Here is my build if it makes any difference..

AMD P2 955 BE
Asus M4A87TD
G.Skill 4gb ddr3 1600
Gigabyte GTX460
WD Black 500gb
OCZ fata1ity 550w
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  1. Did you install all the updates through windows update? Maybe its a problem that has long been fixed via some of the past updates.
  2. yep. my windows 7 is fully updated. i just ran into another session of continuous crashing which was then followed by numerous failed re-installations and finally it reinstalled. im gonna try reformatting and if not, then gonna try a new hard drive.
  3. Try installing SC2 from their site, just to make sure that its not just the SC2 disk messing with ya.
  4. Sounds like your hard drive has a problem.
  5. does itunes come with quicktime? if so remove it... there is an issue with the codec that Qt uses and SC2
    also as its a new build make sure that your hpet mode matches your o.s. you can find the high precision event timer in bios.
    set it to 64 for 64bit o.s. if you dont your system will be unstable.
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