Glutious Walletus of ole Uncle Sam

Why is NASA worried about comets and astroids slamming into the earth and ending civilization? The real threat is here, on earth, and long been known to the common businessman ~~~~ LAWERS!!!!!

While the NASA boys at JPL were jumping up and down in celebration like a bunch of their buddies up San Fransisco way at a Cher concert, lawers on the other side of the world launched a Deep Impact probe of their own aimed directly at the <A HREF="" target="_new"> Glutious Walletus of ole Uncle Sam. </A>

And we thought it was only American Court systems that were FUBAR.

<pre><font color=red>°¤o,¸¸¸,o¤°`°¤o \\// o¤°`°¤o,¸¸¸,o¤°
And the sign says "You got to have a membership card to get inside" Huh
So I got me a pen and paper And I made up my own little sign</pre><p></font color=red>
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  1. LOL whats a crazy b!tch!
    However, even if the comet stays at a safe distance from Earth, Ms Bay's own life, she thinks, will never be the same again.

    An amateur astrologist, she believes that any variation in the orbit or the composition of the Tempel comet will certainly affect her own fate.

    So Ms Marina's claims to be experiencing "a moral trauma" - which only a payment of $300m (252m euros; £170m) can put right.

    Wrong section should have been posted in CPU! more ppl would have seen it :wink:

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  2. My sentiment exactly! Next she'll be sueing me because of a large flatuous excretion from my gluteous maximus that may alter earth's orbital path around the sun and that is going to cause the eventual destruction of all life on the planet. :lol:

    <font color=red>You're a boil on the arse of progress - don't make me squeeze you!</font color=red>
  3. How can she tell it'll have a <i>negative</i> impact? Maybe it'll <i>help</i> the crazy bitch. Shouldn't she logically wait for some personal disaster and <i>then</i> blame NASA? What she's currently doing is like me suing the local council over a hole they've dug, on the grounds that I might fall into it one day...

    I like this bit:
    "The impact changed the magnetic properties of the comet, and this could have affected mobile telephony here on Earth. If your phone went down this morning, ask yourself Why? and then get in touch with us," says Mr Molokhov.

    Considering that I find my mobile 'phone stops or starts working depending on where I am in my flat - which is only about 15 metres long in it's largest dimension - I don't think the properties of a large rock 83 million miles away will really have that much effect by comparison....

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