HD 5850, i5 750, XP max out crysis

I was just wondering before i actually buy the HD 5850. Can an HD 5850, an i5 750 @ 2.67 ghz and Windows XP max out Crysis Warhead @ 1920x1080 resolution? Thanks guys
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  1. might as well get Win7 TBH as you will probably have 4GB of ram and XP will not be able to use it all

    maxing out, yes, with 8xAA, maybe (if you can stand slightly lower fps)
  2. I think it will run fine and fairly smooth with no AA
  3. Quote:
    Not with good fps. Good fps is at least 40fps. Maybe with DX9, not sure what the difference between DX9 and 10 would be since your only going to be running DX9.

    Even GTX480 struggles to get to 37fps with only 4xAA at 19x10 in DX10. HD5870 gets 33fps.



    Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a much better game and you can surely max that out with good fps. By the way you can get it for $15.


    Dood, TC didn't ask for other game recommendations, he asked if Crysis would run on that rig.

    Please stop shilling BC2...
  4. To be honest I do not understand how someone can say that it WILL max out Crysis when its obvious that it won't. Maxed out means MAXED OUT, means including xAA and xAF so the answer is no, it will not max out Crysis. Now, if you are talking about max settings with no AA at all then that is a different story, as the xAA in Crysis is what normally bogs down your frame-rate. If you will not be using AA at all then the answer is yes, if AA is applied you can say bye bye to your playable frame-rate. 30FPS in Crysis is unplayable unless you can care less about LAG in "general". For smooth gameplay you will need at least 40FPS and even then it will drop to the low 20's when you start blowing things up.

    In order for me to get around 40-55FPS I need to have the GPU @ 950/1250 and the CPU at around 3.6Ghz (no AA).

    Even dual 5850's struggle to achieve a constant 45FPS with 4xAA..
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