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Ok, I have an Antec SLK1650B case that I have been really happy with. I had been running an MSI KT8 Neo board in it for about a year now. I just upgraded to an ABIT AN8 but standoffs that I have with the case are not tall enough to match up the new board with the new modular access plate. I have been looking around the web to find a place where I can just buy some longer standoffs so that my board will match up with the new plate. Anybody know where to get them, cause I'm not having any luck? Did they make a change to the ATX standard that I was unaware of?
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  1. The standoffs should be fine. Take another look at the plate. Make sure it is right side up, and right way round. If that isn't the problem, you probably got a miss-shaped plate. Contact your re-seller, or Abit directly.
  2. Standoffs have come in two standard lengths for as long as I can remember, long and longer.

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