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I am building my own computer for the first time and I dont know what motherboard I should go with. I have an Intel Pentium 4 Processor 540J LGA775. Im looking for something that isnt to expensive. I was considering the ASUS P5GDC-V DELUXE ATX Intel Motherboard. What would be the best choice? Also if you could give me some advice on good but inexpensive memory it would be a big help. Thanks.
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  1. Heres what I found on this motherboard
    I'm extremely impressed by ASUS's P5GDC-V motherboard. As a 915 based motherboard it comes with all of the features that you would expect from a "Deluxe" motherboard and includes the extras you don't expect.

    Performance wise, this board surprised me a little bit, taking the performance crown in Quake 3 and being extremely near the top of the line including against the Intel 925 boards. I attribute this to the cool temperatures and slightly overclocked CPU by default using AI Proactive enabled (normal CPU speed during the testing was 3412MHz a 12 MHz overclock by default).

    The only caveat I have in recommending this board is that this chipset doesn't support the 1066MHz FSB CPUs. You need a 925XE board for them. For the 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 Prescott's and Extreme Editions, the P5GDC-V is a good fit that doesn't cost the $300 that some of the ASUS Premium products garner. The lowest price I found was on MWAVE for $154 on this board.

    Look like a good board, im not really up to dat on the 915 chipset!

    <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2293" target="_new">Be sure to read this</A>

    I dont really know what the difference between the P5gGDC abd P5GD2, and I dont have the time to find out right now ehhe

    Asus P4P800DX, P4C 2.6ghz@3.25ghz, 2X512 OCZ PC4000 3-4-4-8, MSI 6800Ultra stock, 2X30gig Raid0
  2. Oh and for ram, get some Samsung ram, its god stable stuff.
    Stay away form the Value/no brand/ generic stuff

    Asus P4P800DX, P4C 2.6ghz@3.25ghz, 2X512 OCZ PC4000 3-4-4-8, MSI 6800Ultra stock, 2X30gig Raid0
  3. thanks for the info.
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