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I have a winamp......that always show ' encounter a problem and will be close' whenever i tried to open it! This thing is killing me
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  1. uninstall it and download the latest version and install that.
  2. Uninstall WinAmp, delete the winamp folder, then reinstall. Run into this problem all the time and appears to happen after I right click on a music file and choose play with winamp.

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  3. i gave up on winamp a long long time ago.

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  4. Use <A HREF="" target="_new">musicmatch</A> jukebox...

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  5. I don't understand what's wrong with Windows Media 10.

    Well, saying that, I also don't have a problem with:
    Windows XP,
    Internet Explorer,
    MSN Messenger.

    Am I microsoft Brainwashed!? :eek:

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  6. what was that? oh, for a second there i thought you said i should use a steaming pile of sh!t instead of a media player. man, that would have been embarrasing for you, good thing you didnt say that. now what were you saying?

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  7. media player is not a pile of shhh it has its uses, i like to have 2/3 available on my comp depending on what im playing and my mood.....

    I wouldnt say media player is all that bad tho, i actually quite like the look of the new media player 10.

    And im not brainwashed by microsoft....
  8. Whoever saiz MP is a pile of doodoo, show me a player that has video and audio adjustments like MP does and I will not hunt you down.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  9. I believe he was referring to MusicMatch Jukebox... not Media Player 10. I've used MMJ, and I have to agree that it is a steaming pile of crap.

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  10. everytime when i want to uninstall it, it will get stuck. why is that so?
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