VibrateDeviceDriver causing BSOD/reboot.

Why? Dammit! It had never ocurred to me to install the bloody vibrate drivers until now, and what do I get? BSOD!

Has anyone come across this problem? I have some error codes but don't know what to do with them. I've tried searching for them in the web but nothing useful so far.

And if I leave the "official" driver from Genius installed, I can't play any game cause whenever the games call for the game pad (my guess, of course) I get a BSOD.

Is there an alternate vibrate driver, open source or something like it?

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  1. BTW, I am using:

    Windows XP SP3
    DX 10 (allegedly...)
    Genius Max Blaze 2 USB
  2. DUh. I was not using the right driver. Now I am and all is well: gamepad is vibrating alright.
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