Is my CPU the bottleneck

I have a AMD athlon x2 6000+@3.2GHz 4 gig ddr2 pc6400ocz dual channel msi motherboard and 2x nvidia gtx260's in sli core 210 evga oc edition.

Just like in other posts I have read Playing Crysis warhead on all highest no blur 1280x1024 no AA. In big fields lots of background and things blowing around with forest landscape, moving around or standing still I drop to 25-28 FPS but on snow levels and inside and running through woods I avg in the mid 40's.

Is this my cpu and that "sys _physics_CPU0" command I read about
or is it time to go to quad core cause my board is am2 and am2+compatible
Don't know think it is am3 DDR2 is my limit and as always cash
or I would go i7 with a P55 moboand 8 gig DDR3
"I wish" anyways for the time being I am stuck with the dual core amd and the sli GTX 260 core 216 evga OC edition all antec case and antec 1000 watt PSU.

So I got the power and the cards
I just need to know if it is the ram and board or the CPU or the combo of all 3 any help or ideas would be appreicated
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  1. You are definitely bottlenecked with the proc (though it was a great one for its time depending on when you bought it). Those 260s are quite powerful, and pitted with a modest quad core, your framerate (at that resolution) should increase.

    The other thing is, if your pilling to fork out some doe, you can go with a more current gen i7 and more ram (ram wont help much, but you'll obviously have to switch to ddr3 though)

    But yeah, to answer your question, it is the cpu although if your looking to eventually run it at native resolution, you should fork out some cash.
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