My eSata externals no longer work because of Win 7 ult 64, help!

Hi persons,

I have an Asus G1S laptop and I recently installed Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. As a result my eSata drives have stopped working. They still connect using USB, but after using eSata for so long, how can I go back, it's too slow!

The chipset in this guy is an Intel PM965. Does anybody know of a driver set that can get my eSata working! Intel doesn't have any on their site and I've downloaded a few others from various sites, but to no avail.

Your help is, in advance, greatly appreciated!

(I'd hate to have to go down to Vista 64 bit!)
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  1. Have you tried the Vista drivers for the Asus if they don't have Win7 ones for your model? If that does not work, your chances are very slim you'll find a solution.
  2. Yeah, I just installed the Vista 64 bit drivers today, and still nothing from my hard drives.

  3. when I turn on my E-SATA dock, I go to Start,Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management(local), after the next page loads, I click on More Actions on the right side and Rescan Disks, then my E-SATA dock and the drive show up

    according to some online forums, this driver can help w/ some drives that use JMicron's eSATA chip controller.
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