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is there anyway i can make FFXIV run smoother on my laptop? I doubt i can upgrade my laptop due to it being a laptop. but here is my computer current specs.
AMD Phenom(tm) II N620 Dual-core Processor-4gb of ram-ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250-500gb hdd.
I really dont know how to make it run better, its either I make it look awesome but so much lag or it looks like crap with no lag. Please HELP! oh and i really cant afford a new computer at the moment with college,(so thats out of the question) THX in advance!
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  1. just do the norm, defrag delete old files, set settings on lower specs etc in short your very limited
    ps also dont but games with mim specs look at the recommend to play
  2. Its basically your gpu mate. Defragging files, updating drivers and running less background resourses may help but tbh its wont help much. You may just have to accept the game as it is or buy a better laptop.
  3. Yep. That's the problem with nearly all laptops, you can't upgrade the video card.

    Sorry dude, but yer gonna play around with yer graphic settings to find out what looks good enough to you and is not too choppy.
  4. You might want to try an optimizer, I personally have a crappy desktop (looking to upgrade in next while) but a couple of months ago I found AMD fusion, basically it's a program you launch and there are various setting that will help increase performance. I use it every time I game. There are multiple default profiles that disable unwanted or unused services. In wow I run about 15 Fps in dalaran once AMD fusion is on I run about 35 fps which is a big increase. There are some options that will run your hardware harder, but they can also be disabled.

    Amd fusion can be downloaded from...

    There is also a forum you can look to if you’re having any problems with it. It’s a very useful tool I recommend to anyone with a subpar machine such as myself >.<
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