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Good gaming microphone

so iv decided for online gaming (CSS) to buy a mic. but i really dont know much about mics. so can anyone with one suggest a good brand or possibly leave a link? price range is anywhere below 50$ but the cheaper the better. i dont need one with amazing quality just one that will get the job done
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  1. I don't know that there are any "Gaming" mics as most are usually headsets however a quick look at newegg turns up 3 stand alone mics.

    This one from logitech has a high rating and decent reviews. unless your stuck on just getting a Mic I'd recommend getting a Gaming headset.
  2. yes a headset sounds better. sorry i meant to say that at first. adn yes justa regular mic sounds annoying to use. so if you know of any headsets let me know
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    They look like they are a decent pair especially for the price, When it comes to Headsets it's a lot about the comfort those seem to be an open ear set which is defiantly a good thing to have, Ive had about 5 pairs of gaming headsets so far, I've owned, tritons, samsungs, razor, steel series and turtle beaches, the thing I find most irritating is when my ears get sweaty, my favorite set had to be my razor piranhas. However currently I'm using a pair of xbox 360 turtle beach x11s, despite being a console headset they quality is amazing I would recommend checking them out.

    It's ultimately up to you at your set limit the ones you linked look to be of sound quality ( no pun intended -.-). Turtle beaches I know to be a well known brand of decent quality, but if you can go over your limit I would check out razer they have been bar far my favorite with quality and comfort, and they are about 75$ for the piranhas. That is just my opinion hope this helps you make a decision.

    Link to razer
  4. thanks. found the turtlebeach pair for 22$ at walmart so i guess ill go with that one.
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