OK, Win 7 has DX11 on it, would i have download/install DX9.0c to play DX9 games?

The reason i ask, i have WOW playing with EXACTLY the same settings on a Win XP (32-bit) partition and a Win 7 (64-bit) partition, and the Win XP partition gets double the FPS as Win 7... remember, this is a dual boot scenario, same machine, same overclocks...
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  1. mmm at this moments ati win7 64 bits drivers are realy suck... we need w8 to catalys 9.0 in few days... and for me i dont have too performance dragradation i have the same.. performance..
  2. bizzump!
  3. No, you don't need to download DX9, as it's included.

    Suggestion - check the video settings and ensure V~Sync on your WoW install in Win 7 is off. What that does is lock your frame and screen refresh rates to each other. A Good thing if you're getting screen tearing, but it kills the overall frame rate.
  4. Scott, what i did was take screen shots of all of my settings in the XP setup and emailed it to myself so i could mmic those exact settings on the Win 7 setup. i get an average if 135 FPS with everything set to high on XP (32-bit), i get an average of 65 FPS with the same in Win 7 (64-bit)

    My only issue may be with the drivers, i'm using the Vista 64 drivers for my 4850 instead of the beta ATI Win & driver as i have heard that the ATI beta drivers for Win 7 are unstable at best... i think i may just want to wait for the 9.0 catalyst drivers that are due soon...
  5. Ah - I have the same drivers (a 4870x2 here), and yah - I agree they're problematic. In my case it absolutely flies when it's working, but when gaming I get random hard locks which I have to use the reset button to get out of.

    I was going to downgrade to the 8.11 Vista x64 drivers which are supposed to work fine. But I agree with your estimate that waiting a little longer for 9.(x) would be the better approach. So that's what I'm doing.
  6. good stuff, i'll be back to update after 9.0...
  7. Look at it this way though: Because programmers need to support the DX10 codepath (for the current crop of GFX cards) and the DX9 codepath (for XP), I doubt we'll be seeing many DX11 games. Who would want to code three seperate codepaths for graphics?
  8. DX11 isn't as big of a change as 10 was, some might drop support for 9 altogether, and I have several games that do support 3 different DX levels - 7, 8, and 9.
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