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heya all,

ok ive been hunting high and low for something or someone to help me...about 4 weeks ago i bought a x-fi elite pro card and console...everything installed ok and the console can control the volume etc on my pc but the issue i have is when i plug anything into the console,for example iam trying to record audio and iam using a dynamic mic and plugging into the line in2..but it wont recognize on my computer..ive tried daniels drivers,ive taken my pc to a tech in the city and no one can fix this issue..i bought the card and console primarily to record audio for my video does recognize the line in2 in my sound properties in control panel but it just wont recognize the actual sound when i speak into the mic...ive tried everything..if someone out there can help i would be in the debt..thanks......iam running windows 7 7100 bulid.....what i cant understand is everything works apart from that i cant record sound.
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  1. Creative is way behind when creating drivers for vista, and 7 that add full functionality. I bet if u were to try this on xp, you would have no issues at all,

    check for any windows updates that may have to do with your audio hardware.
  2. yeah iam checking nearly every hour iam awake,lol...hopefully soon..spent so much money on the whole setup its chronic
  3. a couple things u might wanna read, might be a solution in there...

    btw, I never got the mic to work on my x fi, ( in vista ) I ended up using the onboard just for the mic

    good luck
  4. thanks yeah its sorta important that i use the dynamic mic because of the quality..ive tried dierectly into the sound card with a headset but the quality is not good enough for the tutorials..even tried to edit in soundbooth and soundforge..give it some effects to try and bring it a bit better but still not the same...almost tempted to go buy a whole new setup....the amount of time ive wasted trying to find a soloution i could have bought 2 more setups.
  5. i myself use ableton, and sometimes tractor pro for mixing.

    best advise, sell the xfi, and get a good m-audio card. :)
  6. whats m-audio?...basically i need an external audio capture devise to get the quality i want..problem is finding something that works with windows 7
  7. couple questions, what kind of music do u produce? is the mic for vocals? what is it exactly your trying to make?

    I,m sure I can suggest an affordable solution with excellent quality.
  8. i make alot of video tutorials for virtual worlds,so i need the audio quality as high as possible...ive already made 25 and made the audio already using the soundblaster card,but plugging the headset dierectly into the card..but the quality just isnt good enough for what iam looking for..i have a dynamic mic with all cables etc..thats why i bought the elite pro as its an external capture device and it was recommened..obviousley they didnt try it on windows 7 when they made the recomendation
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  10. hmm is it compatible with windows 7 though...if so i think ill get one
  11. use the vista drivers, I use windows 7, and the vista drivers worked fine for my M-Audio external usb
  12. awesome thanks for all your help its really appreciated..i hyave a friend thats a professinal dj in melbourne so iam going to give him a call and see if they have it there..because i think its an american brand:)
  13. yeah looks like they dont actually sell that bundle in it just the mic i need?..or do i need the software aswell?
  14. ok heres what i did i bought a m-audio fastrack ,a phantom power supply and connected those together also bought c-1 studio condenser mic and a pop filter,and stand.....then i downloaded the vsta 64bit drivers and ran them in compatibilty vista mode......the quality is asweome,better than i expected...altogether cost me 400 aussie dollars but well worthit:)
  15. Nice, glad to hear u got it all worked out!
  16. just wanted to thank you also...i wouldnt have even considered m-audio if you hadnt mentioned it and given me the thanks for all your help it was appreciated muchly:)
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