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Hello, have an HP laptop with Win vista & Office 2007. Motherbd is dead so will get new Win 7 PC. Can we just copy Office 2007 to the new hard drive? Don't have disks, bought Office pre-loaded.
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  1. No, HP didn't supply you with the disks? You may want to talk to them and see if they can still supply.
    Do you have the registration Key, if so you may be able to get a download from Microsoft and then apply your key.
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  3. Agree with mhelm1, if you have a legal key you should be able to download it from Microsoft, at least I hope so.
  4. If you have the serial key, just buy a Office 2007 media and install it.
  5. Hi but I need office 2007 or 2010 for free for me college project
  6. fady10 said:
    Hi but I need office 2007 or 2010 for free for me college project

    a) Please don't hijack someone else's question.
    b) Office is not for free. If you can't buy MS Office, try
  7. Put the laptop hard drive into your new pc and dual boot to the old OS. Just an option and I have done this many times. Just to get over the hump until a weekend when you can do a proper transition (work environment situation).
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