PC shuts down

Hi all!

im having some problems with my computer (the details are in my profile)

i used to play BF bad company 2 max with no issue for hours and assasinss creed too

now its been like 6 months and never had a problem..played metro 2033 max with NO problems last month

today, im getting back to bad company 2 and when im starting to play (when the game is loading the map) the pc shuts down completely.. ive tried with low settings but the same happens..then ive tried assasins creed and after 5 min of gameplay, it shuts down.. it also happens with other games

i dont know whats the problem, what could it be?

- gpu drivers? (ive updated to latest) maybe i did something wrong? conflicts?

- gpu overheating/ fan problem?

- cpu? mobo? psu?

what do u think?

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  1. It could be any of those components overheating.

    Get Speedfan and/or CPUID's hardware monitor programs and start monitoring your temps to see if it's either the CPU or GPU overheating.

    Another thing is to get Prime95 and run it to stress test your CPUs. This will definitely heat them up and if the PC shuts down within minutes of you running this, I would say it's your CPU which means your heatsink and fan is either not seated properly or else, the fan is going bad.

    The same could be said of your GPU. Check the ensure the fan is running on it if it has one.

    Also, to memory tests as well to ensure your memory is working properly.

    Also, ensure all your cards and memory are seated properly and haven't become unseated.

    Also, do you have a virus scanner? Is it up to date? This could also be signs of an virus infection.
  2. thanks, ill try to test everything youve said
  3. sorry, didnt know where to place the thread :S

    ive done some testing:

    - the gpus temps are fine

    - i think the problem is with the cpu temp. Here is the graph of the SpeedFan:

    i guess the core is for the cpu

    then i tried the prime95 test:

    (this one)

    and my pc shutted down

    so i guess the cpu fan is not properly working right?
  4. Either it has stopped altogether or things are really clogged up inside the case. Open it and see how clean the case is. Use vacuum cleaner or compressed canned air to clean coolers, fans etc.
  5. i mean, that temps are with de pc idle, without doing anything

    about the psu, you think that antec 650W cant handle my rig? it has for like a year..maybe its gone bad.. how do i check that?
  6. TiM?
  7. i could maybe get a different fan..i have the stock amd cpu fan, maybe a thermaltake
  8. Yeah, getting a 3rd party fan is always good. The Cooler Master Hyper 212+ is always an excellent buy for $30 and it cools really well. It's what I use for my PC and I overclock.
  9. it was de cpu fan.. old thermal paste and with some dust.. replaced it and problem solved!

    i got the antec max performance

    thanks for everything!
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