hard drive crash "IDE controler"

I have an old ASUS motherboard P4S8X. I've been having some issues with my hard drive(s). I'm on my third HD in roughly three months. All my HD have been IDE not serial ATA.

The first drive crashed and I didn't think much of it. I was able to retrieve my data just fine. So I went off and purchased a new Western Digital 250GB 7200 RPM drive. Installed WinXP etc. Two weeks into having installed the OS my hard drive starts acting up. I start hearing clicks and rattles. Finally the drive gives way.

NOTE: Was able to go into safe mode and save my data once again. I called WD and I have them send me a replacement.

Now I'm on my third drive....and my computer starts to freeze on random things. E-mail, internet etc. Here is my event log under computer management..........

ERROR: source category: disk
when i click on this event log under Description" The device,\Device\Harddisk1\D, is not ready for access yet. it sounds like the device timed out or is not present.

Could it be a bad IDE controller on the mother board????

NOTE: my hard drive is Disk 0 partitioned into C & D

could it be a bad cd ROM???

thanks so much for the advice

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  1. Bad IDE controller is possible, altough I never heard of bad controller "killing" Hd's.

    One of my IDE controller died on my Asus CUSL2...but it would just not work anymore!

    Trye changing controller and running the CDROM on the supposed faulty controller?

    Also whats you power supply, its possible its fluctuating causing the drives to run out of specs.

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  2. yeah i would try the same thing.. switch to a different ide controller and make sure your power supply isnt faulty.

    how are you going about coping your data over?

    if the data is corrupt or the drivbe has bad sectors and you try to image it, it could corrupt the data on your new drive also

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  3. You can check the PSU by putting Motherboard Monitor 5 on your pc, select the "sys log" feature (about half-way down on the left side of the main screen).

    Select to have readings written to a text.doc, in one second intervals etc.

    After using it for a while, go back and check the text.doc/log in the MBM5 folder and look to see if the PSU rails are holding steady

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  4. Steady and within 5% of spec.

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  5. When you're monitoring voltages you need to put a strain on the system. Run something like 3DMark03 in a loop.

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