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I have a video game idea, but I do not have the resources to create it or make it happen. Does anyone know a way to get the ball rolling? Where do I start?
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  1. One way I do know, is sell out to big multi-marketing co. But im sure that ball is pretty huge n hard to roll. Sorry.

    The whole video gaming biz is messy and lot of source writting that will make you want to pull out ur hair if you try to do it all yourself
  2. Anything I could do? Should I patent my idea?
  3. I have an idea thats kind of out there. I take some programming courses at CPCC (Central Piedmont Community College). The courses are very inexpensive and good they are all online with the exception og one and it is in the new technology building.

    This is a lead in to your question, CPCC has one of the top gaming instructors/coursees in the country. Our instructor showed us a slide talking about a nationwide gaming competition they just competed in and scored very high(got top honrs) but didn't win and they were competing with some of the biggest name colleges in the nation (Purdue,Stanfordetc.....).

    You may be able to take enough online classes just to get the ball rolling, just a thought

  4. Ok, what you need to do is take your idea, write it down, (computer prefered) put it in a envelop, sned it to yourself DO NOT OPEN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a "poor mans copyright" IT STANDS UP IN THE COURT OF LAW!
    Next, call up the company you think will be the best, and then go and ask for the supervisor, then his supervisor, ect... until you get pretty high, then ask to talk to a devoper or a community manager, or someone else you think would do better job of this...
    Good luck!! I hope you get somewhere!!!!!!

    I really hope this goes somewhere, my mate(friend, I'm british) started a small company, they made Alien Vs Predator 2... =D

    I really want you to make a new game! MAKE SURE IT IS FOR PC!! WE ARE ALWAYS DEPRIVED! =p
  5. PC and console.

    Any other way to protect my game? How about a provisional patent and trademark/franchise until the patents office recognizes it?
  6. Try mine thing, the "poor mans copyright" it really does work, I have had personal experience with it....
    It does work!
  7. Isit applicative to the US?
  8. Yes
  9. That is actually were I went to court at
  10. It can *probably* be "grandfathered" in in other countries

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