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i cant seem to connect to any multiplayer games. i am a virgin to this gaming so can any one give me a step by step guide on what i need to have installed and how to connect to servers as i keep getting a message saying connection failed. thats including online multiplayer games ive tried - quake live and fear combat. :fou: its driving me mad. i have a new custom built gaming pc using windows 7. im not a computer wizz so please keep the language as simple as poss. thanks and any advice is much appreciated.
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  1. Most games need to be original to be able to play multiplayer as they can check if your serial is legitimate... Assuming that is the case try and turn windows firewall of in control panel and also your router's firewall. If you can then connect then either one of these firewalls blocks your connection. You should then check games support site and router manual to see which ports they use so that you can only open those ports needed for the games to be able to play. Don't forget to turn both firewalls back on!!
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