Xbox wireless controler for windows, What games work!?

I purchaced the xbox wireless controler for windows with great excitment. But after instaling the drivers was dissipointed that it did not work with COD MW2. What games can I play with this thing?

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  1. Assassin's Creed 2 works with the Xbox controller
  2. well you have to program the buttons for that controler so it will work
    secondly WTF are you doing using a controler on FPS ?
  3. How do i program the buttons then?
  4. It will work with any game. Read the directions and program the keys to the buttons, and ave a profile for each game you want to use it on.
  5. Well the controler did not come with any directions!
  6. True, the controller doesn't come with instructions but you shouldn't need any. My Xbox controller for PC works with any game (incl. MW2, Borderlands, etc.). That said, mouse and keyboard for FPS are most recommended. For any other games, ya, use your controller.
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