Gothic 4 demo glitch/Problem

okay i have a problem with gothic 4 demo so my computer isnt the best so i set my resolution and settings, okay i put the settings on the lowest and then went to start game and then it goes to that talking scene with ivy but my character and ivy both are in this weird stance where our arms are out to our sides (pointed outwards) and were completely straight, and also their mouths or face dont move at all so i changed the settings medium, and i no longer had that werid stance and stuff but now i have this like floating hair thing, that is just behind my characters head and when i roll it just stays in the middle of the screen please help

p.s. i will try and get pictures

*EDIT* i got 1 of the pictures i reinstalled it and the second one is no longer happening but this one is on any setting
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  1. the system reguirements are high is your pc up todate
    did you update all your drivers
  2. well everythings up to date my pc isnt that good though, so i guess i shouldn't even try for now i'll just wait till christmas when i get all my upgrades
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