Help me! Need upgrade my pc for FFXIV

Hi I have a Pavilion p6510f I need upgrade my pc cause Finalfantasy14 wont run. I asume I need upgrade my videocard,powersupply, any sugestions on good videocard & powersupply that will fit in my pc. Also I like too know if i will need to upgrade the processor?
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  1. The CPU should be fine, but I can't find any pictures of the inside of the case. It's a tower so should fit any regular ATX power supply. You can find some nice ones on craigslist for half off retail or more. For video cards, once you upgrade your PSU to something in the 400-500 watt range or so, check here for your budget..,2732.html Even the lower end of that list should run almost any game at lower resolution at least.
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