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I am (or was) a very well qualified person that could pretty much do about anything when it came to electronics. from car audio, cctv, card access, alarms, as well as building computers(PC's not MAC) even was one of those that kept your satellites wide open with every single good ole days!

Ive been out of the loop for several years & was was a self employeed contractor before losing my business & most everything else due to the economy. I dont like to sit still in front of a computer long. My question(now that u kno a lil of my background) is ive spent numerous amount of hours, seaching for a couple things. I want to be able to burn & rip DVD's(movies) , xbox360 games & PS3 if at all possible in HD without losing quality or data.
I want a fast & easy way to do it. I'm not doing this to sell, I plain & simply want to rip to a preferable external hard drive. As we all kno, weve speant good money on cllections of games & movies. If you have kids like I do, no matter what(even I do it when in a hurry) one will get lost, scratched etc. and good money is wasted! After all we back up our computers, it would be hell to buy software anytime u had a problem or needed to reformat(wich I like to do about once a yr anyway to get rid of those junk files that slip by you.

Anyway, sorry to be so long here, but this is one of the first site ive found that seem knowlegeable. Theres tons of info on these things, but which ways are proven, easiest & quickest to do?

I need a way to rip & burn DVD movies, xbox games and if possible PS3 & bluray without losing HD quality....any help greatly appreciated?? Thx in advance!! my email is
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  1. The game boxes will need modding to run any type of backed up disks.
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