Mafia 2 Problems After Vid Card Upgrade

I am hoping someone can help me out here. I recently upgraded my 9600gt card to a msi gts 450. However, my fps in mafia is worse than with the 9600gt. The weird thing is is that if i lower a graphics setting, the fps smooths right out and I can definitely see an improvement over the 9600. But when I quit and start the game again with the same settings, it goes right back to being choppy. Anybody have any idea what is causing this? thanks.
win xp
intel q6600 2.4gz
nvidia gts 450
4 gigs ram
450w PSU
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  1. prob not enough power
    I'd get a higher rated one from a reputable maker (not that stuff they throw into a case when you buy one)

    Just make sure its 80+ certified
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