Issues with FFXIV?

Ok so I'm just having some little issues with Final Fantasy 14, but I'd like to state that I've played for a good two days with only 2 crashes, so the meat of my experience has been playing, not suffering.

My rig (that many of you helped to build) is;

AMD Phenomx4 965
ATI Radeon HD 5850 1gb
I'm also on the highest speed broadband connection.

No OC'ing.

Now I'm having the following issues with XIV;
-Lines of distorted pixels across the screen (not too noticeable , just enough to be annoying).
-General lag; my character glitches backwards every so often- not unplayable by any means, just strange because my rig is pretty good.
-I've had crashes where "No directX device could be found" is displayed, drivers are all up to date so I have no clue what the issue is. In fact, I couldn't log on at all last night.

My settings;
Highest on everything
Full screen
Depth of Field

Now, my questions to you are;
1. Why am I having issues a), b) and c)?
2. Are these settings reasonable? Can I afford to have more?
3. How good is my rig in general? How long will it be before I should have to upgrade?

Thanks heaps guys, you're always so helpful :)
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  1. Ive seen people buy a second 5850 just so they can play FF14 "better."
    It isn't worth it, FF14 is demanding and resource intensive. I'm sure there will be a new driver release in October that might help the issue, although AMD isn't the best with releasing driver'sthat work properly at first.
  2. It's alright now, it's not THAT demanding. My settings are turned up, just have low res. I now get a consistent frame rate. It's their latency issues anyway, just need to be ironed out.
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